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Vegetarian on campus

Food Services – Feed back

UW Food Services has a contact and feedback page found at Please let UW Food Services know your feelings on the vegetarian and vegan food or lack there on campus.

Food Advisory Board

The University of Waterloo has formed the Food Advisory Board (FAB) to ensure the dining needs of our customers are met. The FAB consists of student representatives, Federation of Students representatives, Residence Dons, UW Food Services team members, a Registered Dietitian, Residence Life staff, the Director of Business Operations, and the UW occupational Health Nurse. Meetings are held every two weeks and are open to all who would like to participate. It would be very beneficial for at least one of our members to attend every week to assure that vegetarians and vegans on campus are represented. There is no commitment, so you can go once, or every meeting. If you are interested in doing this please email us at and check out the link below

Here is the link to info about the Food Advisory Board:

UW Vegetarains Chicken-Out Campaign

Blurb on Campaign here

Here is the link to a file containing campaign information, a sample letter to the UW President, and sample statements infavor of the campaign:

More to come…

We have emailed UW Food Services requesting a list of vegetarian and vegan food on campus as well as where it can be found. Once we have it, so will you.

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