University of Waterloo Vegetarian Club

End Cruelty, Get Healthy, Save the Planet

How to

How to get active, to evoke positive change in this world

  • You can live the life and be the change you want to see brought about,
  • You can directly become active to evoke change,
  • You can educate people and bring about awareness,
  • You can motivate those already aware to become active in evoking change,
  • You can organize the efforts of those already motivated to be active.

How to meet other vegetarians

  • Join a vegetarian group
  • Join an activist group that works to evoke change around issues of animal use
  • Attend events put on by vegetarian/activist groups like the Vegetarian Food Fair put on by the Toronto Vegetarian Assocation

How to live in a world of people who eat animals

  • Make other vegetarian friends, life isn't fun alone. Having other vegetarian friends provides the support that is needed for anyone new to the lifestyle
  • Be understanding
  • Always make sure there will be something for you to eat, even if that means bringing food with you

How to get informed

  • Keep seeking out information on the issues and how to stay healthy
  • Information is readily available on the internet, most of everything you would want or need to know can be found through a simple search

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