University of Waterloo Vegetarian Club

End Cruelty, Get Healthy, Save the Planet

Individual HealthGlobal Health(Pandemics, Hunger, etc..)

40% of all antibiotics are used in animal agriculture, 80% of which are used to promote rapid growth

33000+ children die of starvation and malnutrition every day

-Factory-farmed fish are subjected to intensive crowding and unnatural conditions, which lead to infection and parasites.

-fish farmers use antibiotics and hormones to make the fish fatter faster

-chicken eggs are a leading cause of food borne illness

Meat that is unfit or unsuitable for human consumption is sold to the pet food industry, or processed and fed back to farm animals. Currently in Canada as much as 20% of cattle feed is made up of what is termed mammalian protein additives” and other animal waste products. Many countries are curtailing this practice in light of the rise of mad cow disease (BSE). In the U.K., the feeding of infected sheep to cattle has caused several cases of a deadly human dementia among beef consumers

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