University of Waterloo Vegetarian Club

End Cruelty, Get Healthy, Save the Planet


  • Events
    • Co-host an event with us
    • Have a presence at our event
    • Invite us to have a presence at our event
  • Advertisement
    • Get us to advertise an organization’s event/initiative
    • Advertise our event
  • Marketing
    • Collective poster run
      • Get us to put up an organization’s posters
      • Put up our posters
  • Resources
    • Request resources from us
    • Share resources with us

If you would like to collaborate with UW Vegetarians please do the following:

Email us at
Outline: who/what/where/when/how and if you feel it is not obvious, why
Please give us as much notice as possible, but last minute is better than not at all
Keep it simple, cut out unnecessary information..

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